C.A.Halpin photo by Gräinne Quinlan


I have created a generic image, in collaboration with Pixel Press studios that will be sent to NHS staff, surgeries and staff rooms across the UK. This is a simple but important message of thanks and support to those who keep us safe throughout our lives.

The Kickstarter Appeal film

At a moment when the health service is under dire threat of collapse, through underfunding and outsourcing to private companies. When those dedicated yet demoralised NHS workers are forced to accept real terms pay cuts, whilst ensuring our good health through their skills and dedication, we need to show our appreciation with a simple yet beautiful message of support.


Above is a print that we gave as gifts to ICU nurses and doctors at the height of the Covid pandemic in 2020. This was an edition of ten letterpress prints that were made at Pixel Press studio and then sent to me during lockdown, I then hand finished each one with glitter and sent them off to NHS workers.


NHS ICU Nurse, photo by Nurse/photographer Hannah Grace Deller

In January 2021 we decided to expand on the idea to print an open edition poster type print to be sent to NHS staff rooms and surgeries across the UK. As well as this, a first edition of 350 A3 fine art prints, sponsored by are to be given as a thank you to publicly nominated NHS workers. Each print will be sent out with a thank you note from the person or persons who nominated the NHS worker.

The fine editions will be repeated, when the initial run is ended.

The number of the edition represents the 350 career roles in the NHS.

We have created an A4 open edition print, bearing the same image, to distribute directly to hospitals, union offices, associative bodies, meeting rooms, staff rooms, public spaces, clinics and surgeries. Everywhere that people gather.

In addition, there is a downloadable version for the public to print out, share  and display in their homes.

I hope that this project will highlight the important and acknowledged contribution that art makes to our physical and mental wellbeing, for practitioners, staff and patients alike. Without art in our hospitals, clinics and surgeries, to calm and inspire, where would we be?

To be a part of this work of public art you can buy a print and or, related merchandise, to keep, or to share by showing your support.

You can also use the prints to send to your local MP, stick in your window, or share on social media using our hashtag on

We will also be supporting with a donations made from any profits.

The nurses, midwives, cleaners, physiotherapists, healthcare assistants, dieticians, radiographers, porters, paramedics and other NHS staff all contribute in different ways to delivering NHS care to the millions of people who use it every year.

I hope you will join in and get the message out


Write to your MP or send them a poster:

Find Your MP

Download poster to display in your window

Click here to buy the prints and merchandise online

So far this project has been a labour of love and has had much support in kind from letterpress studio Pixel Press,  Calvert Press who have printed the initial editions, Argun Printers and Stationers, Giovanna Forte, Richard Depesando, SarahStatonSupaStore, MP Meg Hillier, Nick Franco, Kate Mcdonough, Mat Ducasse Antony Pickthall and many more who have raised funds, bought prints and given money. Thank you all for making this happen.


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