Our goal is to place a message of support in every NHS staffroom, doctors waiting room, hospital clinic and surgery in the UK!

Meg Hillier MP

“Support a pay rise for NHS workers through art
This artistic campaign is an initiative of Hackney artist C. A. Halpin. The project is fundraising to provide gifts of specially commissioned and designed posters to NHS staff and staff rooms across the UK and to press the Government to support a proper pay rise for all NHS staff.
You can purchase prints and downloads (to print at home) to help support this project. The money raised will go towards paying for the materials, expert services, and artist’s fees so that the prints can be donated to show appreciation to our hard-working NHS front-line workers.”



Our Mission

Our intention with this new project is to campaign for and support a pay rise for NHS workers at a time when the service is under dire threat of collapse, through underfunding and outsourcing to private companies, when those dedicated workers are forced to accept pay cuts, whilst ensuring our good health. We wish to demonstrate that we, the public, love and respect the NHS and the individuals who make up this ‘cradle to grave’ national treasure.


Over the past year, NHS staff have worked tirelessly to cope with the challenge of the Covid 19 global pandemic. We the public have marched, we have clapped, we’ve cried, we’ve mourned, we have all been humbled by the dedication of the workers who are the jewel in our nation’s crown. Of course, these gestures although heartfelt cannot begin to show our collective gratitude.


With such an all encompassing public art project, we have a unique opportunity to show our appreciation and gratitude to all NHS workers, from the receptionists in your local surgery, security, cleaners, volunteers who bring around the tea trolley, nurses, doctors, midwives, morticians, porters, therapists, chemists and many more who make up OUR NHS.

Our response

In the spirit of – school room posters, fly posters, playbills, political and educational pamphlets and simple person to person tokens we have created an open edition fine art print to distribute directly to individual workers, hospitals, union offices, associative bodies, meeting rooms, staff rooms, public spaces, clinics and surgeries. Everywhere that people gather. There will also be an accompanying fine art limited edition print that will be offered for sale to the public to help fund the project. Buyers will be given the opportunity to nominate a health worker to receive a fine art print, as a personal thank you from all of us who use the NHS. In addition, there will be a downloadable version for the public to print out and display in their homes, a point where everyone can show their appreciation.

Our task

We hope that this culturally and socially important project will highlight the important and acknowledged contribution that art makes to our physical and mental wellbeing, for practitioners, staff and patients alike, and offers a small but heartfelt token of regard and backing for those that make up the NHS. So far it has been a labour of love, with a very small run of 10 prints gifted to hospital workers during the first lockdown. We have all worked on the project free of charge, but now we are at a point where we need your help to make this idea reach its full potential.  Your backing could really make a difference, to this significant piece of truly public art.  Funds raised will go towards paying for the materials (paper, ink, packaging) and expert services (print technology, typography, quality control, logistics and implementation).

I will be working with renowned artist studio Pixel Press and their team of printers, a project manager and digital assistants.

The message is clear


You can pre order prints at: info@cahalpin.co.uk


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